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Derma Medicine Point, based in Nagpur, India & has been in the pharmaceutical business since the last 15 years and is committed to supplying genuine and quality pharmaceutical products to our customers. Derma Medicine Point is  well established pharmaceutical exporters engaged in Bulk Pharmaceutical Exports, Drop Shipping & Marketing broad range of Pharmaceutical products (Patented & generic medicines) globally.

It gives us great pride in announcing that Derma Medicine Point is an Export House, having license issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Government of India) & also registered with FDA & Sales Tax Office (Government of Maharashtra, India)
We ship the medicines in bubble padded envelope or box to ensure protection from moisture & breakage free delivery. We use government postal / parcel services or International courier companies for delivering medicines timely to our customers. We provide tracking number immediately after dispatch which enable our clients to track the exact position of parcel.
We have more than 5000+ products manufactured by leading Pharmaceutical companies (US-FDA approved/ WHO-GMP certified) in our portfolio which include companies like GSK, Pfizer, Sun Pharma, MSD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Intas, Natco, Glenmark, Aventis, Cipla, Dr.Reddy's Lab, and many more.
Beside this we regularly add new products coming in market every fortnight which helps in increasing our portfolio.
Anti-Cancer drugs, ACE Inhibitors, Anabolic Steroid, Analgesics, Anesthetics, Antacids, Anthelmintics, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-obesity Drug, Antianginals, Antiarrhythmics, Antibiotic, Anticonvulsant, Antidepressants, Anti-diabetics, Antidiarrhoeals, Anti-emetic, Anti-epileptic Drugs, Antifungals, Antihistamines, Antihyperlipidemics, Anti-hypertensives, Antiprotozoals, Antipruritics, Anti-psychotics, Anti-rheumatics, Antivirals, Anxiolytics, Beta Blockers, Broncho dilators, Contraceptives, Corticosteroids, Decongestants, Diet Drugs, Diuretics, Emollients, Fertility drugs, Hypnotics, Immunostimulators, Immunosuppressants, Laxatives, Mood Stabilizers, Muscle Relaxants, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Sedatives, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, Sex Hormones,Stimulants,Thyroid Hormones, Vaccines, Vasodialators, etc.

We are committed to making Derma Medicine Point your first and your last call. If you are looking for reliable exporter with competitive pricing, then you will find us reliable, friendly and efficient for all your needs. Please contact us for further information and you will be amazed of our keen prices & efficient service. 

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